Monday, July 9, 2007

what's in a name?

What happens when it's really hot in your apartment and you can't sleep? Then you start looking for goofy things like name generators for your new puppy. Did we mention that we have another Vizsla joining us? Momo and I are taking a roadtrip back up to Widdershins to pick his new running mate, collaborator, and sidekick.

Meg and I have decided that, and assuming we pick a boy (there's a 75% chance of that), that his name will be JÓZSI (pronounced 'YO-zhee'). In the unlikely event that we do pick the little girl, her name will be CSILLA (pronounced 'CHEEL-law'), or simply 'Stella' in everyday life. After picking an old Bulgarian name for Momo, we decided we should probably respect this one's Hungarian origins.

In any case, remembering that Dave had put The Monster Name Decoder on his site, I decided that His Horrific Majesty deserved his own monster name.

Malevolent, Orphan-Mangling Creature from the Haunted Isolated Labyrinth

Get Your Monster Name

And then I found this relatively nerdy, but still fascinating dog name generator from UVA. If we'd used this, the new pup's name might have been '
Zrēju' or 'Clŏfa.'

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Meg said...

If ever anyone should wonder why I love and married this man, the answer is right here: "The Monster Name Decoder." Oh yes, that's right - my husband, my love, intentionally generated a scary monster name for our dog. And I happen to think that's not only cool - but sexy, too! Xoxo Meg